Show Your Stash, feelux!


Welcome to another edition of Show Your Stash! This week, we're featuring feelux, a fellow Lomographer from Manila, Philippines, who shares gear and photos from a recent trip to Singapore.

Credits: feelux

FULL NAME: Felix Quiogue
LOCATION: Manila, Philippines
USERNAME: feelux

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a computer geek/casual gamer/avid traveler. I love taking film photographs and I have quite a number of film cameras in my collection.

What have you got planned today and where are you going?

The cameras/films in this article are the ones that I brought with me to my Singapore trip last March. I roamed the land of Singapore with my awesome girlfriend, Ponzi. We went to the usual tourist spots like Gardens by the Bay (which was awesome), ArtScience Museum, Singapore flyer (I haven’t been there lol), and Sentosa. We also went to other places like Legoland Malaysia, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Chinese Gardens, and the Mint Museum of Toys. It was awesome! We even got to celebrate Holi and see the i Light Singapore event. The awesomeness doesn’t stop there. I was given the chance to host a Lomography SG Workshop and it was an amazing experience!

Please itemize everything and tell us why you’re bringing each of them, or why they’re special.

Cameras: LC-A+, OM-1, M645, Horizon Perfekt
Films: Kodak E100VS, Kodak Elitechrome EB, Agfa Precisa, Fuji Velvia 100 120, Kodak 400TX, Fuji Neopan 400
Accessories: Herschel backpack, Benro camera bag, lintless cloths, notebook, Storm Trooper LED light

Photos taken with the Lomo LC-A+ by feelux

I bring the LC-A+ everywhere since it’s compact and it’s great for multiple exposure shots. I mainly use it for multiple exposure shots and for swirly bokeh photos. It’s also great with slides compared to my OM-1.

Photos taken with the OM-1 by feelux

I use the OM-1 for selective focusing and if I want to bring a 35mm camera that gives me full control.

Photos taken with the Mamiya 645 by feelux

Mamiya 645 is for my medium format needs. It’s sort of the combination of LC-A+ and OM-1. I have full control over all the settings, it has an MX switch, and it’s great with slides, too. It’s a bit heavy though, so I prefer to put it in a dedicated camera bag so it won’t rip my backpack apart. Haha!

I shoot with the Storm Trooper LED light too, it’s really useful. I can shoot it as a subject or i can do light painting with it!

Lastly, I write almost all of my photo ideas on my trusty notebook. It’s pretty helpful when you can draw and write stuff at the same time just to remind myself of the composition in my head.

Thanks for showing us your stash, feelux!

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Wanna show off your stash? E-mail with your analogue essentials and you could be our next featured film photographer!

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  1. jillytanrad
    jillytanrad ·

    Thanks @feelux for granting us an interview.

  2. feelux
    feelux ·

    @jillytanrad Thanks, too. Btw, The first two photos from the first set are the same.

  3. ponzi
    ponzi ·

    <3 @feelux

  4. feelux
    feelux ·

    @ponzi :D

  5. boobert
    boobert ·

    Naks! @feelux

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