It's a wide, wide world! Sweeping snaps taken with the Lomo LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens

Sweep the scene with the fan favorite Lomo LC-A+ and its nifty partner in crime, the LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens for those snaps that can make you go wide-eyed.

Credits: istionojr

The *Lomo LC-A+* has a great number of fans due to its features and undeniably analogue effects. We can’t blame them, it really is a nice piece of photographic gear that can turn simple moments into analogue gold. And to add to that effect, snap on the *LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens* and you have a versatile shooter that’s capable of taking photos that breathe in all the details in wide-angled shots! Just take a look at these shots from our community members and be in awe at how this simple accessory can give more kick to your film snaps!

Credits: mateja, orangebird, bravebird, takezzo, istionojr, stitch, peropero & frauspatzi

Get the analogue workhorse in a robust package with the Lomo LC-A+ and see what Lomographers have been buzzing all about. Enjoy its many shooting features like adjustable ISO, zone focusing, and built-in light meter among others. Or better yet, spruce up your shooting experience and wide-angle shots with the LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens! Grab this loving combo now at the Online Shop right now to experience life on the wide side.

written by cheeo on 2014-05-08 in #lifestyle #lc-a-wide-angle-lens #wide-angle #lomo-lc-a

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