Then and Now: Artist tastefully extends old photos beyond their borders

Have you ever wished that you could just extend the view of your camera to perfectly capture what you see through your viewfinder? See how an artist does exactly just that with this series of sketches based on old photographs.

There are just times when you get your film back from the lab and wished what they could have been slightly bigger than the scans. We feel you on that end and it’s perfect timing that we spotted Jennifer Delaurenti’s sketches of old photographs that go beyond what’s in the frame.

Sketches by Jennifer Delaurenti Images via My Modern Met

Jennifer Delaurenti started out sketching images that are beyond the edges of old photographs. What goes beyond each frame is open for interpretation but what Delaurenti does is remarkable in terms of matching the original color palette and tones of the photos she uses.

Her sketches do not only extend the sight of the viewer but also the idea of photography by means of pencil. The resulting images are a brilliant blend of illustration and photography. Delaurenti carefully imagines what occurs beyond the frame and works her creativity on each piece. Every careful stroke of Delaurenti’s colored pencils give us a view of the whole image, acting much like makeshift enlarger; only instead of using light and film to have a wider and bigger view of the picture, the artist uses the imagination and delicate lines.

We’re seeing not just old photographs in the sketches but works of art that are border-line paintings in terms of aesthetics.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from My Modern Met.

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