Most Popular Newcomers of April 2014


Why don't we give this batch of youngsters a loud round of cheers and applause?

With their fresh perspectives and passionate hearts, they immediately impressed the Community upon uploading their first few albums. Each of our Most Popular Newcomers of April 2014 already has a remarkable collection of lomographs that can left anyone drooling and craving for more. Go check them out:

pitzeria from Hamburg, Germany

Credits: pitzeria

mawie from Mulhouse, France

Credits: mawie

smiling90 from Bulgaria

Credits: smiling90

cliness from Brno, Czech Republic

Credits: cliness

ehnis from Moscow, Russian Federation

Credits: ehnis

sigbarth from Pétange, Luxembourg

Credits: sigbarth

hanikartikasari from Bandung, Indonesia

Credits: hanikartikasari

clemfaster from Paris, France

Credits: clemfaster

javiher from Madrid, Spain

Credits: javiher

diorhmn from Bandung, Indonesia

Credits: diorhmn

jelizna from Prague, Czech Republic

Credits: jelizna

joenes from Netherlands

Credits: joenes

From everyone here at Lomography, congratulations and welcome to the Community!

written by icequeenubia on 2014-05-10 in #news #community-recap #april-2014 #most-popular-newcomers


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @hanikartikasari & @diorhmn selamaaattt, Halo Halo Bandung

  2. hanikartikasari
    hanikartikasari ·

    @hervinsyah ga nyangka nih kang bisa jadi popular newcomer hehehe :) terimakasih juga untuk akang-akang senior lomography bandung :D

  3. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    Congratulations and welcome to the Community! :) @pitzeria, @mawie, @smiling90, @cliness, @ehnis, @sigbarth, @hanikartikasari, @clemfaster, @javiher, @diorhmn, @jelizna, @joenes

  4. sigbarth
    sigbarth ·

    wow, thank you a bunch :D , This easily makes my day/week/month

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