Remarkable Snapshots Taken with the Revolog Texture


When you've had your fill of your usual color negative and black and white films, take the next step and try shooting with a quirky experimental film!

Credits: nural, lullina, mariaadamopoulou-marioslykouropoulos, zonderbar, lovesickewerton, georgebaker, biteyou, ipdegirl & mephisto19

Lomography has recently unveiled a series of new films that the more adventurous lomographers would surely have a blast shooting with. Among them is the *Revolog Texture*, which gives your photos a bubble-like structure effect. Note that the effect would look stronger on the darker areas of your photographs and almost invisible on the lighter ones, as you might have already observed in the photos above taken by members of our community.

Raring to take photos like these, too? Try the *Revolog Film Adventure* bundle, allows you to combine Revolog films like the Texture, Volvox, Kolor, 460nm, and 600nm in one awesome package. If you buy more than five, you automatically get a free roll of Fuji film! In addition, you also get 10% off when you add Lomography films to your cart. Head to the Online Shop now to stock up on film!

written by chooolss on 2014-04-29 in #lifestyle #35mm-films #gallery-post #revolog-texture

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  1. nural
    nural ·

    I loved trying this film!

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