Meet our Lomoamigos: We Were Evergreen

Michael Liot, Fabienne Débarre and William Serfass make up alternative indie-electro Parisian trio We Were Evergreen. They have recently been signed to Island records and their debut album "Towards" was released on May 5th. We decided give them a La Sardina and a Lomokino to capture their rise to stardom! Let's meet them.

Photos: We Were Evergreen

Hello We Were Evergreen.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

We are Fabienne, Michael and William, a trio formed in Paris but living now in London.

What inspires you to write music?

It can come from very different things. It can be from us playing together in rehearsal and finding some sounds or grooves on which we’ll build the songs. We also love traveling and have a penchant for mythology.

What advice would you give to other budding musicians who want to make it in the music industry?

Working hard ! And staying close to what inspires you.

How was it shooting with the LomoKino and the La Sardina?

We really liked it, even though we needed a bit of practice with the light! I was pleasantly surprised by the Kino, how effective it can be even on barely moving things. Being often with a phone in our hands, it’s nice to discover another way to capture things.

Where were these shots taken?

We took these pictures while we were touring the UK and Europe just before the release of our album, supporting Anna Calvi, Goldfrapp and Metronomy.

Here are some souvenirs of this tour, from the van to the venues, passing by Berlin, Paris, Lyon, London, Brussels, Cologne, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Reading, Glasgow, Lille, Zürich, Milan, Padova and Vienna !

What do you like about analogue photography?

A different timing, the surprise of the developed pictures and the memories around it. The challenge as well of appreciating light and frame at their best !

If your photos could have a soundtrack, what would it be? (5 songs, titles and artists please)

- Nick Drake, Pink Moon
- Nina Simone, Save Me
- Nick Mulvey, Elsa Craig
- St. Vincent, Paris is burning
- Suicide, Cheree

What’s coming up for you this year?

Our first album will be out on the 5th of May, so we’ll be touring it this year and taking our Lomo all around Europe ! Really looking forward to it.

Thanks for taking part in this interview, We Were Evergreen!

You can visit the We Were Evergreen website and follow them on Facebook too!

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