The Ten Golden Rules of Lomography on Typographic Posters


Every lomographer is aware of the Ten Golden Rules, the very essence of our “Don't Think, Just Shoot” philosophy. This set of guidelines tells us to throw away our inhibitions as photogarphers and have fun while taking pictures. Many of us take these rules by heart, but maybe not all of us take them as seriously as our community member pedrosattin, who has made these rules the focus of his personal project.

Pedro Sattin, aka pedrosattin in the Lomography online community, is an advertising student in São Paulo, Brazil. This guy is such a big fan of Lomography that he decided to devote time, skills and loving effort to creating typographic posters featuring the Ten Golden Rules.

Looking at each poster, you’ll notice that there’s more to each of them than a golden rule. Following each rule is a paragraph or two expounding on the rule’s essence. The ‘explanations’ are honest, candid ruminations that can only come from – and be appreciated by – a true lomographer.

What’s even more remarkable about the project is that Pedro himself created the typography for the posters the analogue way. You heard that right – he wrote those letters with his own bare hands and a big fat red marker.

What do you think of the posters? Do you have any Lomography-related project to share? Share your Lomo love in the comments section below.

Images were sourced from Pedro Statin’s online portfolio on Cargo Collective.

written by Jill Tan Radovan on 2014-04-22 in #people #lifestyle #pedro-sattin #ten-golden-rules #pedrosattin #posters

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  1. jillytanrad
    jillytanrad ·

    @pedrosattin lovely work you got there. :)

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