Black and white portraits shot with the Lomography Orca 110


Are you an ardent 35mm or 120mm film shooter? Why don't you try something new by picking up a 110 format camera and taking some monochromatic portraits!

Credits: endorphin, deriz, bebopbebop, adi_totp, lilithmoon, gauthierdumonde, kleeblatt, boss-i, minna1608 & flashstalker

There’s a certain charm that portraits shot in black and white have. The absence of color eliminates all possible distractions in the photo, thereby allowing its viewers to focus on the subject only. Although 35mm and 120mm are the most common formats, 110 cameras, too, can shoot portraits just as well! Load up a roll of *Lomography B&W Orca 110* to help you start with your foray into portraiture in this format!

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  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    Thank you for sharing these awesome shots with us @endorphin, @deriz, @bebopbebop, @adi_totp, @lilithmoon, @gauthierdumonde, @kleeblatt, @boss-i, @minna1608, and @flashstalker! :)

  2. deriz
    deriz ·

    ahahah thanks to you @chooolss

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