Creating a Greek Theater-Inspired LomoKino Short with LomoAmigo maria_vlachou


If you frequent our Movies section, chances are you've already seen her popular "Shadow Play" LomoKino film which is equal parts entertaining and educational. It turns out that she bought the LomoKino specifically to shoot it! Meet our LomoKino LomoAmigo for this week, who hails all the way from Kastoria, Greece!

Credits: maria_vlachou

Name: Maria Vlachou
Lomography username: maria_vlachou
Location: Kastoria, Greece
Number of years as a Lomographer: All my life (I just didn’t know it then…)
Number of years in the community: 5

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

I’m 32 and as you can see in many of my photos since 2012, I live in a small, beautiful Greek town called Kastoria. I’ve studied Economics but I’m unemployed for now, thanks to our big fat Greek crisis. Besides photography of course, I love music and especially live concerts (Rammstein rules!), cooking, puzzles, gardening, and I’m a Candy Crush junkie.

Oh, and I don’t really enjoy talking about myself.

“The museum” by maria_vlachou

Describe the LomoKino in five words.

Fun, friend-maker, retro-like, toy, stop-motion

How did you like shooting with the LomoKino?

It’s fun and if you have the hand grip attached, it’s super-easy for outdoors shooting. As for the general experience, it’s impossible to be left alone when you’re shooting with it (any LomoKino owner out there knows what I’m talking about). People come and ask all sorts of questions, get in front of it and take my picture with it.

What or who has inspired you to purchase and use the LomoKino?

I bought the LomoKino for a specific project that I had in mind, my “Shadow Play” video. The “144 frames per roll” was the selling point for me! I love stop motion videos and the LomoKino is perfect for it.

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had with it?

I don’t know if it’s funny but one time, an old lady got really interested and followed me around for the afternoon. More creepy than funny, I guess…

If you could shoot any person alive or dead, real or fictional, with your LomoKino, who would it be and why?

I would love to shoot a silent black and white movie with Thanassis Veggos. You’ve probably never heard of him, but he was an amazing Greek actor who worked from the 50’s up to his death in 2011, mostly in comedies. The way he acted with his entire body, would have been great for the LomoKino, very much like Charlie Chaplin.

Kindly share with us any LomoKino movie that you love the most.

Video by goonies and cryboy

“She is a maniac” by the wonderful goonies with the amazing cryboy. I love this video, it’s so funny that every time I’m feeling down I watch it and LMAO!

Any future plans with your LomoKino? More shoots or a full-length film, perhaps?

Well, the “Shadow Play” video was shot as a test, the actual story I have in mind is much longer but it needs a lot of time, patience, space and money, which of course I don’t have at the moment.

Your advice to future LomoKino users.

“Practice makes perfect.” A cliché, I know, but so true…

Any last words?

May the focus be with you!

Do you have something to say about your LomoKino experience? Drop me a line at and you might be our next LomoKino LomoAmigo!

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