Tales from the Trip: The Hideout

As intrepid travelers, we don't only search for an adventure or a change of scenery -- we also seek to capture fascinating moments in photographs and tell the compelling stories behind them. In this wanderlust-driven series for the Locations section, we showcase some of the most fascinating travel photos by our fellow lomographers, along with their tales from the trip.

Credits: gocchin

One look at the photo above and you’ll be thinking about a myriad of questions about what could possibly be the story behind it. Is she hiding from someone? Why is she in a creepy place? What could she be running or hiding from?

While it may be far from a conventional travel snap, it’s still an interesting one, so I had to ask gocchin, another exceptional and popular lomographer from Gifu, Japan, about this photo that he took using a Lomo LC-A+ and Kodak E100G in Shiga Prefecture:

“It was second time that I visited to shoot here. This place is an abandoned factory in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. When I visited there in my first time, I did it alone, but I strongly thought I needed a model there. So I called some of my fellow lomographers to shoot there again. This model is also Lomographer. She became a perfect model at this abandoned factory.”

I highly recommend that you head to his full album here, as there are plenty more interesting snaps that he took during this visit to an abandoned factory!

Do you have an exceptional snap from your trips? Share your travel lomographs and the fascinating stories behind them with all of us here in the Community! Get in touch with us through the Lomography Magazine LomoHome or shoot us an email!

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