Top Five Short Films About Photography


For this week’s Top Five installment, we're sharing with you guys these wonderful short films that we found on the Internet and have photography as their central subject!

Credits: daitita

“We Forget Everything” by Martin Prihoda

Video via Martin Prihoda on Vimeo

Mumbai-based Prihoda defines “We Forget Everything” as “a love letter to Bombay and to the good old ‘film’ days.” Indeed, this short film triggers fond nostalgia as we follow a young woman in a sort of day-in-a-life fashion in her solo photo walk around the city.

“The Blind Photographer” by Christian Denslow

Video via Christian Denslow on Vimeo

“The Blind Photographer” may appear humorous on the surface, yet it turns out to be somehow satirizing an aspect of photography. Here we have a “hipster photographer” who goes around the city to take photos of the homeless in their “spontaneous moments of joy” – that is, he waits for the exact moment that his subjects find “treasures” in various places across the city to take their photos, which he later mounts in an exhibit. As part of the movie’s description go, “This is a story of the photographers success until we are gently reminded of the stars of the show and their exploitation.”

“Photography” by Don Kurtz, Sean Patric McIlroy, and Ted Keffer

Video via Dndd8686 on YouTube

A young man’s early morning photo walk near the woods takes a grisly turn as he and his camera become unwitting witnesses to “a troubling impasse between a man and his captors.” By the end of this film, we’re sure you, too, would be wondering what you would do if you were to get entangled in the same situation. Call it a horror story for photographers. A little warning (and spoiler alert) for disturbing content.

“The Photo Man” by Ben Kitnick

Video via Ben Kitnick on Vimeo

Unlike the rest of the items in this list, “The Photo Man” is a non-fiction, documentary-like piece about US-based found photo man named Mark Kologi. The tagline for this short goes, “Mark Kologi has collected and sold literally millions of forgotten personal photos of complete strangers.” “The Photo Man” gives us an interesting insight about Kologi’s job directly from him, especially in those parts wherein he conveys his thoughts and feelings over selling personal photographs that could be of high importance to someone else somewhere.

“School Portrait” by Nick Scott

Video via Michael Berliner on Vimeo

Finally, we’re wrapping this list up with a light-hearted flick! “School Portrait” stars a grumpy photographer, who for some reason distracts the kids with “reality check” tidbits and takes their photos at the exact moment their smiles get wiped off their faces. He successfully pulls off this “feat”… until an adorable little girl gets her turn in front of the camera and just won’t stop smiling.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Don't forget Japanese movie Renai Sashin (College of our life) and Robyn William's movie (One Hour Photo)

  2. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Couldn't really identify with the one just called "Photography" but the others were great. I would love to make a short film. Maybe my next camera will be the lomokino.
    @hervinsyah I think about the film One Hour Photo every time I get my film developed! Its a really great look at how personal photos can be. Just like the photo man said.

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