How to keep your Petzval diaphragms in one place!


This simple tip sorted this issue for me!

I recently tested the *Lomography Petzval Art Lens*, such an awesome bit of a kit! However I do have a tip or fix for one particular issue – I would like to add that I have hand and body tremor/pain which often results in me dropping things! Oops!

I found that the Petzval diaphragms can move around a little bit within the brass lens slot when you are out and about shooting images – and yes the diaphragms can fall out, if you shoot side-on in classic portrait mode. My tip and my fix for this was to loop all the diaphragms onto a light-weight carabineer clip (a simple metal loop with a spring loaded gate – often used in climbing).

This pretty much sorted this issue out for me, I used the unused diaphragms to good counter-balancing effect, which helped keep them together and they didn’t fall out after this. Results!

I am now thinking that maybe you could also use a key ring over or even cord or wire, maybe even string – have fun with your Petzval!

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  1. mnyc
    mnyc ·

    Dude you rock my world

  2. scootiepye
    scootiepye ·

    @mnyc - funny this comment didn't show up in my history on my home page. I figured you might have been here as well however! Now easy tiger....

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