Commuters' Life in Indonesia


For us commuters here in Indonesia, it's "depart, sit, stand up, arrive, repeat."

Trains are a part of our life. For some people, without trains, they cannot go anywhere. They cannot go to work, they cannot go to school, they cannot go home, and to other places. In Jakarta, we call the city train CommuterLine.

Everyday, people from around Jakarta use CommuterLine to go to work, school, and other places so it’s usually full. One Sunday, after I went out with my friends, I decided to capture all the moments that we see everyday but do not appreciate.

Before we took the CommuterLine, of course we had to buy our tickets. I think it’s cheaper compared to bringing our own ride anywhere.

Credits: artlens

In the CommuterLine, we can choose where we can sit (if there’s a vacant seat) or stand. There is no seat number or anything like that.

Credits: artlens

At first, nobody knew that I took their picture. But in the end, some people did.

Credits: artlens

These are my friends who went out with me earlier that day. Some of them are lomographers in this community.

Credits: artlens

It’s so much fun to ride the CommuterLine to wherever you’re headed! You should try it when you visit Jakarta. And don’t forget to bring your Lomography camera. Lomo on!

You can see the rest of the pictures *here*.

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