Festival-loving Cameras for the Analogue Snapper


A festival is filled with once-in-a-lifetime sights and spectacle worth remembering. It is but a requirement to bring a trusty camera when attending one, unless your memory is photographic enough to capture everything. If you’re still packing your bags for that much-awaited festival, take a few minutes to browse through our list recommended cameras to shoot with.

Yesterday, we published an article that shares quick tips on taking photos during festivals. Hopefully, with the right camera, you’ll be able to get your favorite shoot to your heart’s content, despite the frenzy and festivities.

Photo taken with the Lomo LC-A+ by istionojr

*LC-A+ and LC-Wide*

It’s almost a no-brainer why these two iconic cameras are part of our list. Photos taken with the LC-A+ and LC-W are almost always so pretty, despite the fact that they’re so easy to use. Both are compact and handy, making it easier for you to roam the festival grounds and take pictures of whatever piques your interest. They also have a wide aperture range that will let you shoot photos day or night and ensure that you’ll get vibrant and saturated photos bursting with color. And in case there aren’t enough light sources, the HotShoe provision will let you attach a flash unit should you need it. If you want wide-angle shots, take the LC-Wide.

Photo taken with the La Sardina by sami-san

*La Sardina*

The La Sardina is a fun camera. It has become a palette to showcase the creativity of our designers and users. It’s a great outdoors camera, easy to use, and with its nifty casing looks cool on anyone too. It’ll make a good conversation piece with people you meet during festival events. Its easy functionality makes it ideal for up-to-the minute festival pursuits. If it gets a little too dark, you can opt to use the flash for the La Sardina.

Photo taken with a Horizon Perfekt by lawypop

*Horizon Perfekt*

While the Horizon Perfekt may be a tad hefty and requires its user to manually set the aperture and shutter settings, the versatility of its settings will allow you to adjust to different shooting conditions. That panoramic frame can and will deliver eye-popping scenes and full-view stage performances day or night.

Photo taken with a Fuji Klasse W

*Fuji Klasse W* /cameras/premium-cameras/fuji-klasse-w

The Fuji Klasse W is a lightweight, compact wonder. It comes with a high-quality 28mm lens that delivers sharp images with natural color saturation in any shooting condition. You can opt for an aperture priority mode that will ensure perfect exposures and its accurate auto focus function defies the possibility of blurred shots. It shoots well even in low light and its variety of flash modes provides further flexibility and enhancement for your shots.

Photo taken with a Zenit 412LS by lonur

*Zenit 412LS*

Even if it’s an SLR, this easy-to-use sturdy Russian wonder has an accurate metering system that will tell you’ve selected the proper shutter speed and aperture for the shot. The DX code capability allows it to read the ISO of your film so you don’t have to manually set it. Since it’s an SLR, you can interchange the lens with a variety of M42 manual focus lenses, from wide to telephoto, to fisheye, giving you more flexibility with your shots whether you want to zoom in on who’s performing or capture the entirety of a scene. It also has a HotShoe provision to attach a flash unit just in case you need it.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your camera bags, hitch a ride to your festival of choice, and start shooting!

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  1. squaremoonsun
    squaremoonsun ·

    Great article! I plan on attending a festival or two this summer, and these are some great suggestions.

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