Abandoned Spaces by Alex Luyckx

Budding photographers are everywhere, but not everyone can excel in the craft using both analogue and digital mediums. When you look at Alex Luyckx’s body of work, however, you realize that there masterfully skilled and gifted people out there who can shoot staggering regardless of what camera or what medium there is. And if that wasn't fascinating enough, this talented gentleman with an obvious devotion for film also develops and prints his own images.

Photo by Alex Luyckx via Flickr

On Alex Luyckx’s Twitter account you’ll find this description: Film photographer in a digital world. Seeker of abandoned spaces, reenactor of the war of 1812. Lens for Hire. His Flickr account is proof of his love for analogue photography as it showcases a plethora of film images on top of his other work.

Alex shoots with a variety of cameras, from 35mm Nikons and time-honored medium and large format machines to our very own Lomography Kompakt and Sprocket Rocket. Many of his shots are of scenes of everyday life and abandoned spaces seemingly tucked with little tales of their own.

Below are just some of Alex Luyckx’s exemplary photographs.

Abandoned spaces in black and white. Photos by Alex Luyckx via Flickr
Abandoned spaces in color. Photos by Alex Luyckx via Flickr

I initially came across Alex on Twitter, but upon further research I stumbled upon his LomoHome. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is a member of our community.

You can see more of his work on Flickr and learn more about him on his website.

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