Top Photo Likers of February 2014


February may be the shortest month but it overflowed with love and passion. These Community members were not able to control that rush of feelings for analogue photographs and they chose to share it through the "Like" button!

The magic love spell of our impressive collection of lomographs hit these members last month that they were able to like thousands of photos in just 28 days. Here are our crazy Top Photo Likers of February 2014:

rik041 from Karlsruhe, Germany (26,380 likes)

Credits: rik041

simonesavo from Pofi, Italy (15,178 likes)

Credits: simonesavo

fotohelmut from Magdeburg, Germany (13,266 likes)

Credits: fotohelmut

tsingtao from Cernusco Sul Naviglio, Italy (10,178 likes)

Credits: tsingtao

aliceinchains from Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation (9,883 likes)

Credits: aliceinchains

jeanhuang from Changhua County, Taiwan (9,852 likes)

Credits: jeanhuang

tasjarhodes from Maria-Theresiopolis, Serbia (8,633 likes)

Credits: tasjarhodes

yago56 from Germany (8,378 likes)

Credits: yago56

why-yu from Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation (7,189 likes)

Credits: why-yu

mafiosa from Calgary, Canada (7,171 likes)

Credits: mafiosa

hervinsyah from Bandung, Indonesia (6,915 likes)

robertofiuza from Leiria, Portugal (6,608 likes)

Credits: robertofiuza

he-mo from Mödling, Austria (6,450 likes)

Credits: he-mo

clickiemcpete from Western Massachusetts, United States (6,043 likes)

Credits: clickiemcpete

bnjmn from Berlin, Germany (5,889 likes)

Credits: bnjmn

We hope the magic spell of Lomography never wears off! Continue inspiring us to go further with our analogue adventures with your likes!

written by icequeenubia on 2014-03-08 in #news #community-recap #top-photo-likers #february-2014


  1. icequeenubia
  2. jeanhuang
    jeanhuang ·

    Thank you very much !

  3. aliceinchains
    aliceinchains ·

    Thank you)

    @rik041 - The King Of Likes))

  4. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·


  5. rik041
    rik041 ·

    thank you all!!

  6. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Wow, my first time this year, many thanks, Eunice @icequeenubia <3

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