Urban Nightscapes by Akira Asakura

Have a look at these wonderful analogue photographs by Japan’s Akira Asakura!

Photo by Akira Asakura.

Ever since reading Haruki Murakami’s _After Dark_ some years back, I’ve become interested in shooting photographs (maybe even make a short film set at this particular time, too) late at night around the city. A recent attempt just last weekend was unsuccessful, mostly because I was already tired and unable to carry on walking around The Fort in Taguig City any longer than half past midnight. Until I finally do, I’ll just content myself by looking at photographs of night scenes by other photographers. Just like these ones by Okinawa-based film photographer *Akira Asakura*.

Photos by Akira Asakura.

In his website Akira says that he prefers taking and looking at night photographs. “Dead space talks a lot, the color changes in a strange way,” he says. “I also like to be somewhere outside watching things while others are sleeping.” Aside from urban night scenes, Akira also takes seascape photos

Photos by Akira Asakura.

Akira sees the night as “a time for imagining, reflecting, encountering, and loitering.” It appears that wandering around at night is more than a hobby for him, as he also states, “If all cameras were to disappear from the Earth, I would do the same thing: just go out at night, go for an aimless drive, loiter around listening to the city breathe and sleep, watch things.”

Photos by Akira Asakura.

Akira’s works have already been put up on exhibits in Kobe and Sendai. In Spring this year, his work will be put up in the Unlimited Grain Gallery in The Netherlands. More, his photographs have graced the pages of publications such as Here Comes the Night, Unlimited Grain, Open Skies, and Interkulturalnost.

All information in this article were sourced from Akira Asakura Film Photography. Akira Asakura is also on Flickr.

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