Diana Mini Superstar: The name says it all


She may be small, but she can easily beat the big cameras out there! Read on to find out what makes this version of the Diana Mini a "Superstar!"

The Diana Mini, is available in a huge number of variations and colors, from the classic colors, to the Diana Mini GOLD or even variations with eye-catching pattern like the Diana Mini Double Rainbow. But I had never seen something like the Diana Mini Superstar that I exclusively found at Urban Outfitters. Or did she find me?

Like the other small sisters of the Diana F+, the Superstar takes either 36 square or 72 half frame pictures, using 35mm film, not medium-format film like her big sister.

Due to its 24mm lens and the 4 zone focus, you can get sharp pictures between 0.6m and ∞. Choose between 2 apertures: Sunny (I guess f/11) or cloudy (probably f/8). If you don’t choose the bulb mode, which allows you to take long time exposures due to the tripod socket and the access for a cable release, the Diana Mini Superstar has a shutter speed of 1/60s.

The shutter speed is fast enought that I can use it with the Diana F+ Flash to illuminate the scene or with any middle contact flash like the Color Splash, using an adapter.

The light blue of the body is a bit different from the color of her sisters, it is a bit brighter, a bit more brilliant. What is completely different from the other versions is the camera strap, that in this case is a nice silver necklace and the decoration of the body consists of thousands of tiny sequins, that give her the look of a real showbiz diva!

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  1. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    I got this one too. It looks a bit girly for me but my other Diana Mini is the Hello Kitty one so I guess that must be my style. haha

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