The Inauguration of Oleñka's 'Analogue Project' Exhibition in Lomography Echegaray

Last December 12, Lomography Echegaray hosted the inauguration of the "Analogue Project" exhibition by Oleñka. We had the chance to discover the harmonious combination of Lomography and writing that the author uses to accomplish her goal, "Just tell a story."

Once again, the friendly Lomography shop in Echegaray Street was the meeting point in sharing our passion for the analogue world and bringing together creative projects without any lack of wine or food.

With her Holga 120 and her Underwood 1970 typewriter, Oleñka composed her travel scrapbooks with images and texts based on the “surrealist automatism” and Lomography premise, “Don’t think, just shoot!”

All the attendees had the chance to try writing with a classic typewriter like the Underwood, which was free for everybody to use to compose a message or just write the first thing that comes to one’s mind.

So was the beloved Holga 120, with which Oleñka took all of the pictures we saw in the exhibition. It was free for everybody to use to commemorate the event and experience this peculiar sensation of hearing “click!” and know the picture will be immortalized forever.

“The surrealist automatism is mixed with pictures of a world with a taste of remembrance. Compositions of pictures and texts are developed in big layers that are used to support in telling a story. The image and the word unite to share a new way of expression.” – Oleñka

As always, it’s been a pleasure to see this place filled with creativity and analogue lovers, as well as sharing inspiration, photography, and some wine with everybody.

See you next time at Lomography Echegaray!

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translated by mmeolenka

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