Then and Now: Classic Photos of Celebrities Reimagined with Tattoos


Celebrities past and present all have a look and style distinctly their own, making them easily identifiable. Well, ever wondered what they look like had they been tatted up? See how celebrities would have looked like if they were heavily tattooed after the cut.

We’ve seen a lot of recreated and reinterpreted works of art here in the Then and Now series. From adorable cats in famous paintings to Ottoman era-style illustrations of famous movies, it looks like there’s no end to artists’ creative pools when it comes to beautifying the world.

Liza Minelli Image via Shopped Tattoos

This series of photos is an example of that. Some of you may agree while some may not but these recreated photographs of famous celebrities is an imaginative look at what could have been if they were neck-deep in tattoos. A Tumblr blog that goes by the name of *Shopped Tattoos* features classic photos of celebrities. Only, the famous actors, singers, artists, and personalities are shown wearing sleeves and even body suits of different tattooing styles.

Johnny Cash, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Debbie Harry of Blondie, Marilyn Monroe, Iggy Pop, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton of Fight Club, colored photo of a woman working in a factory during World War II Images via Shopped Tattoos

Some of the famous faces include Johnny Cash, Marilyn Monroe, singer Iggy Pop, and cubist painter Pablo Picasso. Cash and his iconic slicked-back hair and black outfit are accompanied by traditional American tattoo flash designs that make him look all the more badass as the Man in Black while Liza Minelli looks specially classy but with more attitude as she’s seen rocking several ink pieces.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Shopped Tattoos via A Beautiful Decay.

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    Some work, but on Frida and Marilyn... Hell no! There are hides that must NOT be defaced. and (.)!!

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