Caffeinated Haunts: Purrfect Cat Cafe

As the title most likely suggests, this Caffeinated Haunts installment has more cats than coffee and cakes. But, that's not a problem...right?

During my birthday trip in Penang, I accidentally discovered Purrfect Cat Cafe, which had just opened the day I arrived in the city. I’ve always wanted to visit a cat cafe so there was no question that it was going to be one of my stops!

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Located in Muntri Street in George Town, Penang’s capital, Purrfect Cat Cafe is among the slew of cozy cafes, boutiques, and quirky shops that have recently opened in the historical district-slash-tourist center. Its proximity to other attractions means it’s one of your accessible options to cool down after an afternoon of strolling around George Town.

Just before you enter the cafe, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff, an enticing display of their cakes and pies for the day, and the shop name “PURRFECT” in big, white letters. Directly behind the dessert display is a small shop of adorable cat-themed clothes and trinkets. You’ll be asked to wash your hands and leave your shoes before heading upstairs, where the fuzzy, friendly felines await.

I planned my visit on my actual birthday, so I guess these are my birthday cake slices! I ordered a cold and fizzy peach drink because I just came from a long walk around George Town. Of course, I ordered a hot latte after I downed my cold drink!

Upstairs, you’ll find a small but cozy space that is of course, adorably adorned with various cat-themed decorations. You have the option to stay in the main hall or inside the playroom, where you can hang-out with around 3-4 cats. Aside from pastries, Purrfect Cat Cafe serves both cold and hot drinks just like your regular cafes. Of course, their charming cats are the stars and highlight of your visit, so I hope you’ll pardon me for both for sharing only a handful of photos — I was busy playing with the furbabies!

Played mostly with adorable Marble, who even gave me a peck on the cheek!

Purrfect Cat Cafe
10200 Penang, Malaysia

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