Photo of the Day by furn7973

We don't know what these two are arguing about but this looks like a dangerous fight. Congratulations furn7973 for having our Photo of the Day!

Credits: furn7973

A heated argument – literally and figuratively! We really can’t tell who’s winning this confrontation but all we know is that it’s bursting with action and analogue goodness! Community member furn7973 let sparks fly in this crackling light painting. Action, film photography and spot-on light painting techniques collide to make this winning Photo of the Day! furn7973 shot this photo using a Hasselblad 500C loaded with Rollei Crossbird film. You can see more light painting shots in this album.

Congratulations to furn7973 for winning Photo of the Day!

written by cheeo on 2014-02-26 in #news #furn7973 #potd

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