Warped Travel Snaps: Emulsion Lifts from All Over the World by Tanja Deuss


Instant photographs already have that dreamy feel to them with the soft texture and lo-fit tones. German-based photographer Tanja Deuss adds more analogue effects to her Polaroid shots by way of emulsion lifts.

Hybrilifts by Tanja Deuss

We have featured other emulsion lifts by artists Lio Munoz and our very own Laura Su Lillie (or laurasulilly in her Lomohome) but the process still leaves us intrigued although it’s not just how the resulting photographs look but the delicate work done by hand.

Hybrilifts by Tanja Deuss

One look at emulsion lifts and you get the idea that it is a tricky thing to do. Our other features along with this new series called “Abheben” by *Tanja Deuss* make it look so easy! The crumpled, and sometimes torn look of these emulsion lifts bring instant photographs to a whole different level.

Hybrilifts by Tanja Deuss

Tanja creates these emulsion lifts with her Polariod SX-70 camera featuring some of her most favorite shots from her travels around the world. She also refers to her photos as “Hybrilifts.” Deuss rips the paper off her instant prints and then imprints the images onto hand-made paper. The “lifting” process lends additional texture to the already dreamy instant photographs. Deuss says on her Behance profile that she is still in the process of making more emulsion lifts.

Hybrilifts by Tanja Deuss

Deuss’s emulsion lifts have that distinct warped, scratched, and marbled feel to them although you can still very much appreciate the image from where it was originally taken from.

Tanja Deuss is a photographer based in Dusseldorf, Germany. You can see more of her works in her Behance profile here.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Tanja Deuss’ Behance profile via Design Taxi.

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