Object of My Affection: Walking

You know how they always say that you don't know what you have until you lose it? Well, I do. Since I tore my ACL even walking has been a struggle.

I wasn’t always a fan of walking around. I mean, I was into sports a lot – I was a semi-professional athlete for 15 years, I loved playing handball and any other sport involving a ball – but running and walking around without any purpose just wasn’t my thing. Even to this day I don’t really understand runners because to me, running is just one of the most boring things in the world. I wouldn’t go running even if you paid me to do it. But walking, walking is an entirely different thing. You can stop and take photos and you can actually think about things while walking. I especially love hiking. It wasn’t always like that. But since I stopped playing handball I had to find something to keep myself from getting fat, and hiking the nearest hill was just that thing.

Credits: lomofrue

I absolutely love hiking. Breathing heavily is not that fun but when you come to the top of a mountain – well, that is just the best thing, nothing can come close to that feeling of accomplishing something really special. I love conquering mountains, I love that adrenaline rush when you come to 2000 meters and you look down and you’re a little bit scared and you don’t really know how you’re gonna get down from the top.

Credits: lomofrue

Hiking is really rewarding. Last year I felt better than ever. I think I climbed more than 50 hills and mountains and even had a plan to climb the tallest mountain in Slovenia – Triglav. But then I did the stupidest thing ever. I went back to playing handball and the rest is history. I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in my left knee. If you’re not into sports you probably don’t know what ACL is but most athletes think torn ACL is the worst thing that can possibly happen to you. ACL is the thing that makes your knee stable and in one place. When you tear your ACL, any side jumping is just impossible. You sprain your knee all the time and that is just the worst pain you can possibly imagine. So yes, my world kind of fell apart.

Credits: lomofrue

There are some people who can live with a torn ACL for the rest of their lives. But being into sport a lot, especially dynamic team sports involving balls, I just couldn’t imagine life with just being able to bike for the rest of it. And I had to get rid of that fear of always spraining my knee. I had to get that surgery. And having an ACL transplanted is no fun. It’s like you have to learn how to walk all over again. And imagine doing that without any muscle in your leg. I’m into my fourth week after surgery and it’s been a struggle, to tell you the truth. I’m motivated, but after two weeks of developing really fast I kind of hit a wall. But seeing some professional athletes do it – people like Derrick Rose, Lindsey Vonn, Russell Westbrook, Robert Griffin III., I try to motivate myself by following their example. I mean, those are people who have a lot more at stake than me and if they can (and could ) do it, who am I to whine? I just have to get up and start gaining those muscles. And in 6 months I’ll be jumping around and making those Supersampler photos again. Positive vibes, positive life!

Credits: lomofrue

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