Graphic Design of Film Canisters by John Counts

If you're looking for a new film photography project, why don't you try something closer to home, something like let's say your film canisters?

Photo by John Counts

With the countless different kinds of film we shoot with, it comes to quite a surprise that only a few people have done photo projects similar to these ones by John Counts, entitled Graphic Design of Film Canisters. I guess plenty of people collect the different kinds of film, but don’t exactly take the time and effort to actually shoot the films themselves.

For this project, Counts shot with a Nikon FM3a and a macro lens, got the slides developed, then printed them with a Vivitar slide printer. What follows is a pretty interesting assortment of color and diversity. Interesting project, wouldn’t you say?

Which films have you shot with? Can you name or recognize all of them?

Photos by John Counts

Information for this article was sourced from John Counts and reddit

written by cruzron on 2014-02-19 in #lifestyle #art #photography #project #design

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