Singapore LomoAmigo The Pinholes Shoot with their Namesake

It's about time we got The Pinholes a Pinhole camera to shoot with! This retro band sat down with us to share their analogue lifestyle and clue us in on the Singapore music scene. Check out the interview and snaps after the jump!

Name: The Pinholes
Location: Singapore
Field: Music

1. Introduce yourself!

We are The Pinholes from Gombak St, Singapore. Famie Suliman, songwriter/vocal/rhythm guitar, Dd Hailrul Hanafiah, vocal/leading guitar, Wando Diao, backing vocal/ bass guitar, and Shari Ismail, backing vocal/ drums.

2. The Pinholes shoot with the Pinhole! How was this “worlds collide” experience?

Easy! Just focus and the flow will follow. Definitely one of the coolest pinhole cameras ever made….with color added. Easily tripping on daisies without even having to click.

3. What was your first Lomographic experience?

It was astonishing ‘cos the function of the camera is definitely stagnant but then take a look at the resulting images. It almost looks fake but it’s true. Unbelievable. You have to always stay focused to get the image, no running. It’s one take one go…the new classic.

4. We love that your vibes and style are inherently Rock and Roll. Rock isn’t dead or dying anymore, it’s kind of plateaued. What’s your outlook on this genre and similarly on analogue photography?

Nothing beats analogue. It’s raw and exciting. The constant experiment with what you are capturing, the limited set of rolls you have, the excitement you experience after sending the films in for production…all this gives you a self generated “buzz experience.” This is truly ROCK N ROLL.

5. Where was your favorite place to play?

We have yet to find our favorite place. But we definitely want to play the big festivals like Glastonbury or Fuji Rock one day…

6. “The analogue life which is unexamined is not worth living” – how do The Pinholes lead an analogue lifestyle?

We still bathe twice a day, brush our teeth using an analogue tooth brush, communicate with each other through phone calls. Musically, we write our lyrics down in jotter books.

7. What does Singapore have to do with your sound?

Everything. We grew up here. The tropical island, the void deck warriors (most of us stay in flats), and the musical influence from our earlier peers like THE QUEST, Straydogs, Ismail Haron, THE STONED REVIVALS, and Force Vomit.

8. The 1960s was a significant decade for the music of Singapore – The Beatles were a source of inspiration for local bands, it was the golden age of Singaporean music. What’s the music like in today’s Singapore?

It’s mix like “Rojak” really. We’ve a lot of up and coming DJs and the normal dose of K- pop singers. In terms of alternative pop we’ve got cool new groups like Cashew Chemist, LoveJets, Obedient Wives Club, Wyd:Syd, Lost Weekend, and Sphaeras.

9. What song best represents these pictures?

Shake N Bake by us, The Pinholes.

10. What new and exciting things can we expect from The Pinholes?

We are releasing our debut album, Bring Back The Vibe in Singapore, in late February. It’s an 11- track album that captures our interpretation of the ’60s.

Thanks guys! Be sure to keep up with The Pinholes on their official Facebook page.

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