Short Strokes Complete Seoul Artist's Detailed Drawings


We all know that a single drawing or rough sketch is made up of countless lines of varying lengths and thickness, but the black and white drawings of a Korean artist were actually created using quick, short strokes.

If the fascinating line drawing recreations of iconic paintings done by Singaporean designer Chan Hwee Chong caught your attention, we’re sure minimalist black and white drawings of Seong Jin Kim will delight you as well.

Instead of structured, solid, and calculated lines, the Seoul-based artist makes use of short, quick strokes to “shape” his subjects on paper, as well as provide the details that complete the whole drawing. As observed by My Modern Met, the viewer may mistake portions of the drawings to be incomplete, but the full view reveals “an extremely complex, emotionally-charged image that conveys a powerful story of loneliness and isolation.”

Check out Seong Jin Kim on Behance to see more of his impressive drawings and paintings!

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    Sketches in article is wonderful!!!!

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