An Abandoned School Rekindles its Finest Moments With Images From the Past


Images of happy students superimposed on a creepy and abandoned school background is definitely a surreal thing to witness. Have a look at the chilling images after the jump!

Photo from bleaty

While the whole technique of superimposing old photos on current ones isn’t anything new, having happy and carefree students in the photos with an abandoned and derelict background is uncommon to say the least! The pictures below are of the Lewis Cass Technical High School in Detroit, which was ravaged by a fire back in 2007, and was deemed unfit to use.

An enterprising artist decided to superimpose and perfectly align images of the school during its glory days to its current state. The results are creepy, eerie, and strangely enchanting. The school has since been demolished, so what you’re looking at is a fragment of history already. Check it out!

Photos from bleaty

Information for this article was sourced from bleaty

written by cruzron on 2014-02-17 in #lifestyle #news #photo #past

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