Johanna Tagada’s ‘Analog Diary’

“Analog Diary” by artist Johanna Tagada is an ongoing project that is projected to span 10 years.

*Johanna Tagada* is a multi-disciplinary artist of “French, Caribbean, Algerian, and Jewish descent.” Aside from photography, Johanna also paints, draws, designs patterns, and publishes zines. In everything she does, Johanna draws inspiration from “her daily life and experience,” as well as “cultural heritages of the past, such as folklore art.” She describes her work as “semi-autobiographical and related to feelings.”

Photos by Johanna Tagada

*_Analog Diary_* is an ongoing project that Johanna started when she received a Minolta 500si in October 2011. Individually the photos may not seem that much, but what’s interesting about them collectively is that they capture the “non-events” in Johanna’s daily life “and the beauty seen in them.” When the Minolta 500si conked out, Johanna continued on with her project with the Minolta 500si Super. Currently there are more than a thousand photos under this series.

Photos by Johanna Tagada

Aside from the arts, Johanna also harbors a strong interest for literature, cinema, languages, ethnology, and colonial and post-colonial history. She’s likewise fond of traveling, and speaks five languages.

All information in this article were sourced from Johanna Tagada’s About page on her website.

written by chooolss on 2014-02-12 in #lifestyle

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