Midweek Music Video: Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey


No wonder some artists prefer using film as a means to shoot videos for their work. Avid film lover and talented singer Lana Del Rey adds yet another video to her analogue belt.

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You just can’t deny the look and feel of film when you see it on music videos. “Summertime Sadness” is one of those short clips that just show you how diverse the effects of film can be as well as the creative tinge they add to any work.

*Lana Del Rey* has been known to be quite a huge fan of 35mm and 8mm film as well as using snippets from other film clips to add a certain flavor to her music videos. The scratches, the subtle light flares and contrast shifts here and there, not to mention the sight of sprocket holes all add up to a welcome lo-fi surprise especially at a time when digital is the more preferred way of shooting videos.

Video via YouTube

The music video really has quite a bit of everything for any analogue lover. From the theme, the styling and the undeniable effects of using film – the works! Lana Del Rey indeed channels a vintage vibe to her work that is almost synonymous with the term “analogue.” And we haven’t even begun talking about her amazing singing voice and song writing, yet.

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  1. ohohitsapandaaddict
    ohohitsapandaaddict ·

    does anyone know wich cameras she's using. especially for summer time sadness?

  2. fsdnfdslncl
  3. fsdnfdslncl

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