Snippets and Vignettes: Seeing New York in Photographer Jamie Beck's Eyes

Ever wondered what it was like to see places through another person’s eyes? Well, we have photography for that but Jamie Beck has something cooler for us than just life stills.

When I first saw animated photos in the Harry Potter series, I always thought that those are totally awesome and not to mention, magical. I wouldn’t mind seeing my New Year’s photo where I’m all up and about jumping and screaming to welcome the year with my usual loud self.

With that being said, one photographer has just shared the world in her eyes with these simply beautiful animated GIFs. Photographer *Jamie Beck* shows us the New York she knows with the help of her fetching Giorgio Armani eyeglasses that she just bought in Geneva. The results are nothing short of magical, if you ask me.

As someone who always dreamed of New York, it’s fun seeing snippets of the Big Apple even if they just go on and on in a loop. The falling leaves, the pulsating night lights and the busy people of the city are a welcome sight for me. Jamie was also kind enough to include some still shots and you can find it all here.

We have also featured the works of Jamie Beck in an earlier post about Cinemagraphs, a project that she started with partner Kevin Burg. It’s a refreshing take on the usual animated GIFs since only a portion of the image actually moves. It kinda makes you wonder how the two artists do that – then again, maybe it’s magic.

All information and images used in this article were sourced from Ann Street Studio via Design TAXI.

written by cheeo on 2014-02-11 in #lifestyle #new-york #jamie-beck #snippets-and-vignettes

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