Film Photography by Devin Blaskovich

San Diego, California-native Devin Blaskovich calls himself “The Light Thief” and shoots mainly in film.

Photo by Devin Blaskovich

Currently based in New York City, *Devin Blaskovich* is a photographer, although he would rather be called “The Light Thief.” This moniker, according to him, “[is] more along the lines of what I do,” that is, “capture light into film.” On Flickr he runs Indiecency, A Tepid Serenity, and An Ambient Intimacy. Blaskovich is also a college student and a dancer who likes “weird music.”

Photos by Devin Blaskovich

On his Flickr profile, Blaskovich listed the following cameras in his arsenal, namely: the Canon AE-1 Program, Mamiya C33, Yashica Electro 35, Yashica MG-1, and Ricoh Kr 30sp. He also shoots with the Lomography Belair X 6-12 and Holga 135!

Photos by Devin Blaskovich

Aside from Flickr, Blaskovich also puts up his work on his own website. His portfolio is divided into six categories – Instant, Comfort, Chrome, Color, Composed, and Adventura which is further subdivided into four sections A Summer Wave, Venture (’12-’13), White, and Instant Fingerprint. A large body of his work is dedicated to portraiture.

Photos by Devin Blaskovich

As a photographer, Blaskovich’s aims to “encapsulate the essence of the environment around me and share its unbridled beauty and simplicity” with his audience.

Information in this article were sourced from Devin Blaskovich’s website and Flickr profile.

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