How LED Streetlamps Could Change the Look of Night Photography Forever


Love the look and feel of long exposures of the cityscape? Better get your fill ASAP, as that look could quickly go the way of the dodo! Check out the details after jump.

Photo from Pop Photo

Love it or hate it, the yellow color cast you get from night photography out in the streets is something we’ve gotten accustomed to. Things are looking to change though, as a move to using more neutral colored LED lights will eliminate this yellowish glow completely. The city of Los Angeles just completed the world’s largest retrofit of LED street lights. Judging by the photo alone courtesy of the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting, the effect is massive and cannot be ignored as far as photography and cinema is concerned.

If you’ve envisioned a shot in your head that involves these yellow street lights, better get to it before you lose the chance!

Information for this article was sourced from Pop Photo

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  1. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    All the street lights in my neighbourhood have already been upgraded to LEDs. They really do give off more light than the old bulbs, and I prefer them to the older ones.

  2. marcel2cv
    marcel2cv ·

    This will also affect the view at Berlin, Germany! By now you can still see the difference between former GDR and West-Germany, as different lightbulbs were standard. Even over 20 years after the reunion! This will change when they use LED all over the town...

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Interesting article. @marcel2cv: That's amazing!

  4. danielbertolozi
    danielbertolozi ·

    Well, I think the LED's look better. Also, they save more energy, so win-win

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