Then and Now: Mona Lisa Reinterpreted by 181 Artists

It’s no wonder that one of art history’s most well-known masterpieces can prove to be an infinite well of inspiration for artists all over the world. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa continues to awe onlookers and even artists all over the world, especially with this collection of reinterpreted art.

Leonardo da Vinci would have been proud to see that one of his most famous works of art is still very much relevant to this day. The “Mona Lisa”, also known as “La Gioconda” has hit the vein of modern pop culture in ways that the maestro himself could have not imagined. It’s almost safe to say that most people would recognize the lady in the painting with a subtle smile on her face.

Image by Michael Cuffe

The *Gioconda Project* has just finished receiving artwork entries last October 2013 from different artists all over the world. The said project is aimed to further bring contemporary art to everyone through da Vinci’s “La Gioconda” masterpiece. Known and even anonymous artists get to showcase their interpretation of contemporary art using Mona Lisa as a common standpoint.

Images by Ismael Angeles, Jorge Sole, Marc Moulin, Ariana Perez, Work by Knight, JoKa, Monty Guy, Lacey Bryant, Cristina Lank, Pablo Jurado Ruiz and Manolo Gallardo

Describing the many different entries from all around the globe as simply “amazing” can already be considered an understatement. Various materials like ink, watercolor, oil paint, pastel and even digital processes were involved in giving Mona Lisa a fresh new look for modern audiences to marvel upon.

All information and images used in this article were sourced from Gioconda Project via Creative Boom.

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