Midweek Music Video: Trying To Be Cool by Phoenix

You'll find nothing nostalgic here but good old-fashioned brilliant performance by Phoenix.

No fancy effects are needed when you play this good. The band that has brought the world synth-filled pop rock hits all the way from France shows that they just don’t sound good in their recordings but also on their live performances.

Image via GQ

This video for “Trying To Be Cool” is exploding (literally and figuratively) with surprises for first time viewers. Apart from being French (that is good enough to count as cool in my book, honestly speaking) the guys from Phoenix deliver a great performance in the video.

How could I say that they perform as well as they do on studio recordings? Well, after you watch the video, know that all of the controlled theatrics like raining confetti, shooting cannons, choreographed dance routines and motorbike revving and many other stints were all recorded in one continuous shot. I don’t know about you but everything that this video shows is not “trying to be cool,” it just is.

And let’s not forget the awesome team behind such the wonderful video.

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