Influential Photographs (1963): Last Prisoners Leave Alcatraz by Leigh Wiener


Its stark stone wall, solid metal doors and the great open sea surrounding it held back some of America’s most notorious criminals. Alcatraz Island will remain as one of the most known federal prisons in the world.

Sharing bits of fame and infamy, Alcatraz Island is almost synonymous with isolation. The prison set in stone, metal and earth held many criminals during its 29 years of service to the federal correction system. This photo by American photographer Leigh Auston Wiener captured the final moments of Alcatraz as the last remaining prisoners walked out of the island.

Photo by Leigh Wiener image via Vintage Photography blog

With bowed heads and shackles round their hands and feet and donning their prison issued overalls and peacoats, the last 27 men shuffled and bade farewell to the cold gray stone walls and iron bars of Alcatraz Prison. The prisoners were later transferred to different prisons in the United States to complete their sentences.

All information used in this article were sourced from SF Gate.

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