Most Popular Newcomer Photos of January 2014


Count these photographs as landmarks in their Lomography journey.

Have a dose of fresh and fantastic analogue photographs from of our future LomoGurus. Here’s our Most Popular Newcomer Photos of January 2014!

Credits: blackfairy
Credits: icehalm
Credits: hiroaki0603
Credits: herrjensen
Credits: periwinklebeats
Credits: laurencea
Credits: augustiandayura
Credits: shin-green
Credits: supermegahomers
Credits: diegoafernandez
Credits: colinthekid
Credits: harv
Credits: fizzixx
Credits: slanecek
Credits: brettlaw
Credits: aliceinchains
Credits: timothylogan
Credits: supersara2001
Credits: luda-gvozd

With that level of awesomeness, we can’t believe these were taken by our Lomo babies! Congratulations everyone and just keep shooting!

written by icequeenubia on 2014-02-09 in #news #community-recap #most-popular-newcomer-photos #january-2014


  1. icequeenubia
  2. mafiosa
  3. harv
  4. slanecek
    slanecek ·

    Thanks and congrats too! :)

  5. fizzixx
    fizzixx ·

    Big thanks!!! and congrats to everyone too ^^

  6. aliceinchains
    aliceinchains ·

    so unexpectedly)
    thank you very much)

  7. laurencea
  8. lmrtre
    lmrtre ·

    thanks guys)
    congratulatulations you too)

  9. luda-gvozd
    luda-gvozd ·

    here and my photo, a little unexpected for me, thank you :)

  10. supermegahomers
    supermegahomers ·

    wow, thank you so much! :)

  11. supermegahomers
    supermegahomers ·

    wow, thank you so much! :)

  12. icehalm
  13. diegoafernandez
    diegoafernandez ·

    thank you very much for choosing my photo!!

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