The Lomography Magazine: Passionate About February

February is all about passion here at the Lomography Magazine, and we’ve got new and exciting content that you will surely fall in love with!

Credits: hanibale

Our theme for this month is Passion. We are not just going to write about Valentine’s Day and show lovely analogue photos of the lovestruck. Sure, there will be romantic manifestos here and there, but this month our interpretation of ‘passion’ is boundless; it is not confined to the limits of romance and relationships.

Apart from your love stories, we want to learn about your passions. What is passion for you? What are you passionate about? What is it that fuels your drive to exist in this universe? We have very enticing call-outs for this month’s Requested Posts, and we are confident that there is something that you can write about. So go ahead, write an Analogue Lifestyle article, submit a travel-related piece for the Locations section, a Tipster, or perhaps a Review.

We are happy to announce that have a whole new set of series in the Magazine and that we’ll be featuring even more of your breathtaking analogue photos.

Credits: vicuna
  • Photo Stories: There are thousands and thousands of photos in your LomoHomes and interesting stories behind them. Every week, we’ll be featuring selected images and share the stories, told from the Lomographer’s point of view.
  • The Daily Hex: What’s a ‘hex’ anyway? Hex actually pertains to hex values, which are are 6-digit hexidecimal numbers that are primarily used in web design. Photos uploaded to the website can be viewed by hex values and we have almost 1,500 common colors that you can browse through, most of which have names that are quirky, goofy, and downright weird. And so, we’ll be a set of photos daily, all of which are classified under the hex of choice.
  • Kino Stories: The LomoKino is an amazing camera that allows you to make your own movies on 35mm film. We want to pay homage to the moviemakers in the community and their work by featuring them every week.
Credits: mafiosa
  • Explore: Our Locations Editor will pick a place of interest every week, tell you a little about it, and showcase a selection of the loveliest photos of that place, taken by members of the community.
  • LomoLit: LomoLit is a series that was created to give you a dose of literary goodness. The stories we publish are inspired by your photos, whether it’s a one-post flash fiction or a short story in multiple installments. This time around, however, we will not only be sending you Lomography-induced poetry and prose; we will also be accepting your literary submissions, too! So start taking those inspiring photos, find your inner poet, and write those verses.
Credits: graefin
  • Letters to the Editor: We want to hear from you. Found an interesting article on the Magazine and want to talk about it? Want to be featured in one of our community features? Got an album to share and you think it deserves undivided attention? Send us a message through the Lomography Magazine LomoHome or shoot us an email. We want to hear from you. Who knows, your letter might be featured.

There you have it, a whole new range of series starting this February. We’re very passionate about giving you more exciting and valuable content, and we hope you send us your analogue passion too!

written by jillytanrad on 2014-02-02 in #news

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