Artist Exposes and Prints Photographs Unto Blown Glass

Bay area artist Emma Jaubert Howell is both a photographer and glass artist by trade, so it's logical that she mixes both, resulting in incredibly unique pieces of art!

Photo by Emma Howell

Tired of capturing same old same old landscapes with your Lomos? Been there, done that with wet plate collodion? Try out the art that Emma Howell has been doing to rejuvenate your photographic life!

A glass artist and photographer by trade, Howell came upon the idea of merging her two passions by capturing images and printing them on glass. We’re not talking about simply using a printer and sticking the image on glass though. This involves the magic of wet plate collodion.

Photo by Emma Howell

Since she is using irregular glass plates, she needed to fashion a camera big enough to hold the plates in. In explaining her art, she tells Wired “It dawned on me that I was holding glass and could potentially change its form, yet photos could be exposed onto it in the same way,” she says. “I went to the glass department and started blowing forms that were similar to glass plates, but with curved sides that had more of a presence as an object.” Unlike digital photos that are meant to be swiped through or liked, Howell is creating objects to be peered into: “I aim to create a glass window that brings the viewer into the landscape.”

Information for this article was sourced from Wired

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