Art Shay's Life Through a Leica

In one of the most heartwarming and touching stories by far, renowned photographer Art Shay shares his unwavering love for his wife through pictures taken with his trusty Leica spanning almost seven decades.

Photo from La Vida Leica

91 year old photojournalist Art Shay has seen and photographed them all – kings, presidents, Hollywood celebs, and sports stars. But at the end of the day, his muse was always his wife, Florence. They have been married for 67 years. Sadly, she died back in 2012 due to cancer.

As an homage to his wife, Shay has an exhibit entitled My Florence, where various photos of his wife throughout the years are on display. The photos of his wife come with a little backstory that never fails to stir emotions. I implore you to view the photos and read the stories that go with it over at Chicago Magazine. It’s inspiring and will definitely make you shed a tear or two.

Information for this article was sourced from Chicago Magazine

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