Snippets and Vignettes: Erdal Inci's Hypnotic GIFs

Artist and photographer Erdal Inci creates some of the most hypnotic gifs using simple instruments such as light and repetitive motion. See more of his patterned animation series after the jump.

Image via Erdal Inci

As far as photography projects go, some series of snaps can make compelling imagery when done gif-style. Turkish artist *Erdal Inci* plays around with patterns and different kinds of motion in order to create these creative looping gifs. Inci’s gifs are fun to watch especially when your brain tries to make sense of everything that’s happening on your screen.

One of Inci’s gif artwork, titled “Hierapolis Amphitheatre, Pamukkale” is a good example on how gifs can be used to create mind-boggling images. Inci shot the gif and captured the lights that dance around in a carefully orchestrated motion. It’s like watching a ballet performance, only with light as the ballerinas.

This very same artwork has also been featured on a Giphoscope. The Giphoscope is an analogue player for gif artworks that can be manually operated with the simple turn of a crank. It’s quite interesting to see that even at a digital playing field, gifs can still come and amaze in analogue form.

To see more of Erdal Inci’s amazing gif works, click here.

written by cheeo on 2014-01-28 in #lifestyle #erdal-inci #gif #giphoscope

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