Celebrities Tintypes At Sundance Film Festival

Celebrity photographers are constantly looking to push the envelope in their craft, something photographer Victoria Will did so in spades during the last Sundance Film Festival!

Photo by Victoria Will

During award season and film festivals, celebrities are bombarded with hundreds of cameras simultaneously clicking away just to get a glimpse of them and who they’re wearing. AP Invision photographer Victoria Will decided to up the ante and go against the grain of working with DSLRS and instead, went old-school with wet plate photography. What resulted was an exquisite collection of celebrity photos that’ll stop you dead in your tracks and make you go ‘wow’.

View the whole collection of tintypes over at Victoria Will's website.

Photo by Victoria Will

Information for this article was sourced from Victoria Will

written by cruzron on 2014-01-27 in #lifestyle #tintype #sundance #celebrity

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