Faceless Lovers - Intimate Portraits of Young Love by Lauren Field

Young love, intimacy and the prospect of being totally smitten - all these and more with photographer Lauren Field's series of analogue photographs.

“Faceless Lovers” by Lauren Field

Setting aside being mushy or tacky, this series of photographs that you are about to see is probably going to lead you back into thinking about those very same words. But bear with me, I have something else to say about these film photos by *Lauren Field*.

Aside from the fact that these photographs of lovers are shot by a 20-something photographer all on film, the main topic of the series is interesting as well as its execution. A first glance at the photos of young lovers in different poses of affection and you’ll realize why the series is called “Faceless Lovers.”

Personally, I think intimacy is something that should be kept under the covers or shared between two lovers. This series does exactly that. Even with poses that are synonymous with new or young love, Lauren Field managed to preserve just that by hiding certain features of the people involved.

“Faceless Lovers” by Lauren Field

That subtlety is what makes this series of photographs so intimate. And having the passion to shoot on film isn’t a bad thing especially if you’re trying to make each moment count.

You can view more of Lauren Field’s works on film here spotted via Girls on Film.

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