Sounds and Scenes of Summer by I Heart Sharks

If you've had the opportunity to see German-British Indietronica band I Heart Sharks on stage over the past couple of years, you might have recognized two of their analogue companions: the Lomography Sprocket Rocket and Colorsplash cameras. Vocalist Pierre Bee tells us all about the band's first Lomographic experience, and I Heart Sharks' upcoming projects.

Hey Pierre, kindly introduce yourself to the community.

I’m singing in a German-British Band from Berlin called ‘I Heart Sharks’. We play Post-Pop-Music, which is deeply influenced by bands of the 80s. We will release our second album ‘Anthems’ in spring 2014.

Have you shot on film previously, or was the little Lomo excursion entirely new ground for you?

I take a lot of pictures for our band and am responsible for the visuals, but analogue photography was indeed something new for me. You could probably generalize this based on my first pictures.

Last year the Sprocket Rocket camera and the Colorsplash accompanied you all the time. Where did you take them?

We traveled a lot in the last two years and were fortunate to discover many wonderful places. On the pictures you could see everything – from a concert at the ‘Bunker’ in Hamburg to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the seaside in south France and parties in Manchester. I don’t only want to take concert pictures, but also show what happened in our everyday life. I believe there are pictures from my birthday evening too.

I Heart Sharks’ tour photos taken using the Sprocket Rocket

You also made a side trip to Manchester to visit our huge LomoWall. How was it? Every Lomography fan is getting a little bit jealous right now.

Manchester is a terrific city. You could hardly see the sun and the mood gets transferred to the pictures, especially the one picture that was taken at the airport. Our producer lives across from the LomoWall and it was a nice surprise to see it there.

Do you have any memorable experiences while using the cameras? Do you have some advice for newcomers?

Be spontaneous and tell nobody that you’re about to take a picture. And don’t forget the cameras in the sun.

Which camera do you like most and why?

I’m a little in love with the Sprocket Rocket. It makes not only excellent pictures (double-exposure and so on), it also looks fabulous too. But the Colorsplash is also exciting, because you could have a lot of fun with the coloured flash and the people are always curious and want to know what this thing is, that you hold in your hands.

LomoWall and more tour photos taken using the Colorsplash

Did anything funny or strange happen while you were using the cameras?

In fact, we lost one camera or rather, it was stolen from the backstage area. The film was nearly full with pictures of our tour and I was sad about it of course. Three weeks later we got a message from a boy whose then-girlfriend had stolen the camera. In vengeance he stole the camera back and sent it to us. Life works in strange ways.

If the pictures you took had a soundtrack, which song/s would it include? It can be music by your band or any other artist.

One song which fits perfectly to the picture collection is our next single ‘To Be Young’. It is about taking time and being young. Besides the song feels very fresh and new. Otherwise I think ‘Paris’ by Friendly Fires and another song from us with the lyrics ‘Let’s just pretend it’s summer’, will fit well.

Let’s just pretend it’s summer…

Speaking of music, what’s happenig in 2014?

Our album ‘Anthem’ will be released in the Spring of 2014 and then we will be on tour again to present the new songs all over Europe. This summer there will be some really nice festivals, among other things the Southside and the Hurricane festival in Germany. I believe that the two Lomos will be in use again.

Thanks for the interview Pierre!

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