The Good Vibes of Guiuan, Samar in the Philippines Before Typhoon Haiyan


Guiuan, Samar located in the South portion of the Philippines is making its mark and becoming a surf destination for everyone to visit. Its a must see for its breath-taking view and an experience worth taking the plunge for you adventurous people out there!

Right before Typhoon Haiyan made its landfall late 2013 in the Visayas region of the Philippines, we had the chance to feel the vibe of what Guiuan, Samar had to offer.

Few people come to this part of the island in search of waves for them to surf and luckily we had that chance! Locally from Manila, we had to take the plane for an hour or two, rode the coaster from the airport going to a terminal where we could rent a van, and finally experience that long bumpy ride for about 4 hours. It felt good touching the sand with my toes and looking at the beautiful scenery after that whole trip. The view was awesome, locals were very friendly, and waves were great. We were ecstatic! We were in paradise! After we organized our stuff and checked the smooth peeling of the waves, we waxed up our boards and headed down to the waters. It was so sweet! Nothing beats the ocean breeze and the warmth of the sun on your skin while enjoying the surf.

Yashica CCN + Fuji NPH 400

For the first few nights we had to sleep on a hut (it was a great experience) but it was so cold that we had to go to a resort nearby. No worries since they have a cheap rate of $40 a night for a group of 6. The place was nice and the food was good as well. It became a routine to surf early in the morning, eat breakfast, relax, surf again, and again. It’s really a relaxing way to go on a trip to enjoy what our mother nature has to offer.

Yashica CCN + Ilford Delta 400

Guiuan, Samar is really one of a kind destination that should be included on your bucket list. Though after that catastrophic typhoon, our hearts got shattered to pieces as we felt for the people there. We are very thankful for the support from different areas of the world, and we’re still hoping and praying for them.

Here is a glimpse of the video I took. Enjoy!

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    Textback and Junior :) I miss ABCD beach and that kubo.

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    lee07 are you from Launion?

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