Playing with Light and Shadows: Evocative Portraits by Cristina Altieri

It’s always nice to stumble upon works featuring analogue photos that can just make you do a double back. Well, it gets better when you see that that artist is a fellow Lomographer! Show some love for photographer and analogue enthusiast Crisitna Altieri after the jump.

Photo by Cristina Altieri

If the name *Cristina Altieri* doesn’t ring a bell then you should probably get to know the name now. Aside from the fact that she shoots mainly on analogue cameras, Cristina also has this amazing series that plays with light and shadows using the human body as sort of a backdrop. Her photographs always leave something out of the frame like the faces since she believes that those parts of the body are intimate and that makes them all the more real.

Photos by Cristina Altieri

Altieri shoots on film and it’s evident in the warm tones of her lo-fi photographs. She shoots her subjects with an intimate approach that results in amazing portraits. Cristina is also part of our Lomography community using the handle @crisitinaaltieri. Her dreamy photographs whether on 35mm or Polaroid film are simple yet engaging.

Cristina Altieri is a photographer based out of Milan, Italy and she is an avid fan of analogue photography. You can visit her site Cargo Collective and her Flick photostream to see more of her photographic works.

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