PYHOF: The Naked and Famous

Pop tinges and electric guitar accompanied by electrifying vocals - this week’s playlist is full of youthful hits to make you bob and weave. Put your headphones on now and listen to The Naked and Famous.

Image via The Naked and Famous site

I’ve been looking for their songs for quite a time now. Their songs have been featured in different shows, and advertisement that were shown globally. It’s only when a friend of mine played their song out loud that I got to know the band behind the catchy tunes. Meet *The Naked and Famous*, the band with crisp beats and fresh vocals.

Image via The Naked and Famous site

Straight from Auckland, New Zealand, the band was formed in 2008 when Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers recorded EPs together and were later joined by Aaron Short, Jesse Wood and David Beadle in 2009. The alternative rock sound of The Naked and Famous is a funky combination of electronica and pop rock that will surely get you up and singing along even if you don’t even know the lyrics yet.

It seems that everything that the band comes up with turns into a vibrant musical anthem. They have two albums under their belt but it seems that the future looks promising for the band as they offer a wide range of tracks for their listeners. Their hits “Young Blood” and “Punching in a Dream” are sure fire songs to listen to when you need the hype.

PYHOF – The Naked and Famous by Put Your Headphones on Fridays on Grooveshark

Photos used in this article were sourced from The Naked and Famous site.

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