Rent Kubrick's Zeiss f/0.7 Lenses

Want to try out a slice of history for yourself? Rent out legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's Carl Zeiss Planar f/0.7 lenses!

Photo from Pop Photo

When you’re talking about the Carl Zeiss Planar f/0.7 lens, the word legendary seems like an understatement. The lens was originally designed by Zeiss for NASA to capture the far side of the moon back in 1966. Eccentric director Stanley Kubrick, known for doing everything imaginable just to get the shot, was able to procure a few of these lenses to shoot the famous candlelight scenes for Barry Lyndon seen below. Only 10 lenses were made. One stayed with Zeiss, six at NASA, and the others with Kubrick.

Thanks to German camera makers P+S Technik, you can get the chance to hold one of these impeccable specimens in your very hands. Called the Kubrick Collection, the whole package includes P+S Technik’s new PS-Cam X35, which is capable of recording 1920×1080 footage; a 35mm f/0.7 Zeiss lens (reversible to 75mm); and a 50mm f/0.7 Zeiss lens. I would imagine there’s a long list waiting, but let us know if one of you guys decide to rent it out!

Photo from Studiodaily

Information for this article was sourced from Pop Photo

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