Viewing America's Tourists: Roger Minick's Sightseer Series

We’ve all been tourists at some point in our lives. For photographer Roger Minick, tourists who are in it for the sights and sounds of famous attractions in America became the right subjects for his photography project “Sightseer.”

Who wouldn’t want a travel photo that features your wide grin as you beam happily at the camera with a famous landmark set as your backdrop. Post it up on Facebook and just wait for the likes to come. Well, there was no Facebook back then but luckily, veteran photographer Roger Minick was there to document the middle-class American population on vacation.

Photos by Roger Minick

Roger Minick was teaching Ansel Adams Workshops in Yosemite National Park when he began shooting the photos for “*Sightseer*” in the late 1970s. He noticed that wave after wave of tourists are posing for the camera to bring home photographic proof of their travels through portraits with a famous landmark.

Photos by Roger Minick

It’s an interesting look at the tourist culture in America during those days and shows a prevalent theme in culture and nature. Minick’s photographs take us back in time with these nameless tourists who were not only enjoying the view but the photo session as well.

You can view the “Sightseer” series from Roger Minick’s site as well as his other photographic works.

All information and photographs used in this article were sourced from Roger Minick and A Beautiful Decay.

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