Viewing Spectral Memories: Blurred Images by Daniela Contreras


Memories brought by old photographs can be a blur. The fading of the images on yellowed photo paper neatly compiled in a dusty album is like a portion of a fragmented memory. Photographer and video artist Daniela Contreras explores fragmented memories with her series “Desaparecidas” and “Identidades.”

Happening on some old photo albums in your home can bring back memories of past frozen in old photographs. Maybe there’s that aunt of yours who always gave you knitted items for your birthday or that fateful snap of your elder sister blowing out the champagne out of her nose after a joke that just cracked her up.

Photos by Daniela Contreras

Chilean photographer and video artist *Daniela Contreras* took those kinds of memories from found photographs to recreate images that are eerily intriguing as they are interesting. “Desaparecidas” explores the fragility of memory as the faces of various women are blurred and faded using different chemicals and processes. The resulting images are nothing short of ethereal.

Photos by Daniela Contreras

Her other series “Identidades” also blurs images from found photos using a digital process. Glowing orbs replaced the faces of the women as if to challenge the whole idea of memory altogether. Daniela Contreras’ manipulated images are a recreation of past events with a twist of unfamiliarity and a hint of the unknown.

You can view more of Daniela Contreras’ artworks on her site.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Daniela Contreras and Lenscratch.

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    Who are we, if without memory? For in its absence we are no one.

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